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Finance Oversight Committee

In 2010, the Board of Directors decided to add additional responsibilities to the Bond Oversight Committee and reconstitute that committee as the Finance Oversight Committee. The Finance Oversight Committee is asked to review and advise the Board of Directors regarding the District's long-range financial planning including the rate structure as well as to continue to review the progress of the Capital Improvement Program and the bonds and agreements issued to finance those projects. The Finance Oversight Committee meets periodically throughout the financial cycle and makes recommendations to the Board regarding changes to the rate structure. The Committee is comprised of residents of the District.

Detailed information about FOC meetings can be found here.

The members of the Finance Oversight Committee are:

Barbara Gelband
Pima County Attorney's Office

A.E. "Reb" Guillot
Retired Engineer Program Manager, Raytheon and U.S. Air Force Veteran

Lee Harbers
Owner, Lee Harbers Consulting, PLLC

Lee Mayes
Battalion Chief, Rural Metro Fire Dept.

Tom Ruppenthal
VP Operations, Utility Services Associates, and Owner of Bear Lake Consulting

Danny Sargent
Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant Superintendent, CIty of Chandler

Robert Shonka
Retired Water District Manager





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