Metro Southwest – E&T Water Rates & Fees

E&T is located near Nogales Highway and Nogales Old Vail Connection Road.

Fiscal Year 2023 Rate Schedule for Metro Southwest – E&T Water Rates & Fees Effective July 1, 2022

Water Availability Rate

Meter SizeBase Rate
5/8 inch*$27.30
¾ inch$40.97
1 inch$68.25
1½ inch$136.50
2 inch$218.40
3 inch$436.80
4 inch$682.52
6 inch$1365.02
*Meter capacities from the AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practices – M1, Seventh Edition, “Principles of Water Rates, Fees, and Charges, American Water Works Association 2017, page 338, Table VII.2.5 Meter equivalencies based on meter capacity.

Water Consumption Charges

5/8 inch meterRate
1st Tier (3,001 – 8,000 gallons)$3.10 per 1,000 gallons
2nd Tier (8,001 – 16,000 gallons)$4.85 per 1,000 gallons
3rd Tier (16,001 – 24,000 gallons)$6.40 per 1,000 gallons
4th Tier (24,001 gallons and above)$7.45 per 1,000 gallons

Service Charges & Fees

The District has service charges and fees. The basic ones include customer deposits, connection fees, re-reads, and reconnections. The District also has a fee for illegal or unauthorized use of water. This involves a contractor taking water from a hydrant without permission and is associated with a $100 credit given to a customer who reports that such an event has happened. The District also has a bulk water rate for contractors and others that need to use water for construction and other purposes.

Customer Deposits
Customer deposits vary. Deposit amounts may be increased for each category at the discretion of staff based on poor payment history of owner or previous tenant.

$132 for residential homeowners
$200 for Renters
$1,500 for Multi Family, Bulk Meters, and Commercial accounts

Initial Connection Fee – $30.00
Regular Re-connection – $40.00
After Hours Re-connection – $75.00
Returned Payment – up to $40.00
Meter Re-read – $20.00
Residential 5/8” Dual Meter Fee – $9.10 monthly (1/3 of Water Availability Rate)
Meter Testing – 5/8″ to 1.5″ – $150; 2″ and greater – $325
Delinquent Accounts – 2% or $5.00, whichever is greater
Illegal or Unauthorized Use of Water – $500 for 1st offense, $1,000 for 2nd offense, $1,500 for 3rd and successive offenses (plus cost of water used and property damage).

Development Fees

Development fees are dependent upon whether you simply need water service, are developing property or have a project that involves water improvement plans. The District has development fees associated with master water plan review, water improvement plan review, inspection (including infrastructure inspection and backflow inspection), protected facilities (including fire flow impact fees, where applicable) and for water connection on domestic or irrigation meters.

See our Development Fees page for more information.

Bulk Water Charges

Base Rate is the same as base rates listed above

Per 1,000 gallons used$4.80

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Fee

Meter SizeFee
5/8 inch*$1.50
¾ inch$2.25
1 inch$3.75
1½ inch$7.50
2 inch$12.00
3 inch$24.00
4 inch$37.50
6 inch$75.00

Water Resource Utilization Fee for All Service Areas – $0.60 per 1,000 gallons

In October 2012, the Board established a Water Resource Utilization Fee at 10 cents per 1,000 gallons, which became effective March 1, 2013 and applies to all Metro service areas. In October 2013, the Board raised this fee to 20 cents per 1,000 gallons. In September 2014, the Board raised the fee to 40 cents per 1,000 gallons. In May 2016, the Board raised the fee to 50 cents per 1,000 gallons. In May 2018, the Board raised the fee to 60 cents per 1,000 gallons.

This fee provides dollars to develop, design, and construct projects that will put to use the District’s CAP water and effluent. Specifically, the Water Resource Utilization Fee have funded the land acquisition and will fund the design activities for the Northwest Recharge, Recovery and Delivery System, wheeling agreements have been established to deliver CAP water to Metro Southwest, and various smaller activities have been completed to enhance the use of the District’s renewable water resource portfolio.