General Manager’s Office – Along with providing general supervision to the three teams, the General Manager and his direct staff are involved with Board related issues, interacting with other governmental entities, water resources planning, conservation, human resources, the safety program, and public relations. The Board of Directors and the General Manager receive legal counsel from the firm Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie.

Staff – District staff is comprised of 52 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee and is organized into three separate teams under the supervision of the General Manager. The three teams are Administration, Engineering, and Utility. Each team operates independently under the supervision of the respective team manager; however, communication between the teams is essential for the completion of the District’s day-to-day operations as well as long-range programs. Based on authority given by the Board, the General Manager is responsible for conducting all business of the District as well as carrying out directions of the Board of Directors that have been approved by a majority vote.

Administration Team – The Administration Team is responsible for accounting, budgeting, fiscal reporting, customer service, information technology (IT), and office administration. Ultimately, the financial condition of the District is contingent on the revenue received from water sales, system development fees, connection fees, interest income, and other miscellaneous revenue. The customers interaction associated with the monthly billing process makes the issue of customer service a major importance to the Administration Team while the IT Network Administrator takes care of all of the District networks, backups, and electronic equipment to keep us working and our data protected.

Engineering Team – The Engineering Team focuses on accommodating the growth, expansion and improvements within the District as well as future water supply to all District customers. Its main tasks include water quality, overseeing capital projects, design of additions to the water distribution system, coordination with developers, inspection of mainline water construction projects, determining replacement and upgrade needs, and overseeing bluestaking requirements.

Utility Team – The Utility Team provides operation and maintenance, and replacements to the existing water system. This team is the largest of the District with twenty-six employees. One crew oversees the production aspect of the infrastructure, monitoring that portion of the system that is within a well and/or storage site. The construction/maintenance crew is responsible for maintaining the pipes that distribute the water throughout the District. A customer service crew works with customers as well as reads and maintains the meters. The Electrical/Instrumentation crew maintain all the electrical and instrumentation at the District’s facilities. The Utility Team is also responsible for backflow prevention, installation of fire hydrants, and installation of new meters. They provide a 24-hour on-call service to customers for emergencies.