Drought Preparedness Plan Update

Drought Preparedness and Response Plan, adopted by the Board of Directors on April 10, 2023.

With the drought conditions on the Colorado River, and the possibility that some level of reductions to Metro Water District’s CAP supplies will occur, the District Board of Directors has declared a Stage 1 Alert. At Stage 1, the following are activities that Metro Water District is taking to encourage conservation:

  • Increase customer awareness about the drought and water resources through education.
  • Work with Pima County to put in place ordinances that strengthen the region’s water conservation ethic.
  • Work with neighboring water providers to look at cooperative efforts that include providing emergency interconnections as well as joint conservation efforts.
  • Continue overall water management efforts to use renewable water supplies by constructing the Northwest Recharge, Recovery, and Delivery System (NWRRDS) starting in 2024.
  • Hotels and restaurants will be asked to initiate measures for conserving water, such as providing water only on request and washing sheets and towels only if requested.

If you have questions about conserving water or about water resources, please contact Wally Wilson, the District’s Water Resources Manager, at 520-575-8100.