Water Resources & Quality

Water: Our Most Precious Resource

Access to fresh clean water is essential for our health and our way of life. At Metro Water District, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality water, whenever it is needed.

We make sure every drop is clean, safe, and meets or exceeds regulatory standards. Learn more about our water quality.

We take full advantage of available water resources but we need our customers’ help in making sure water is not wasted. Working together, we can save our water resources to ensure plentiful water in the years ahead.

The Metro Southwest Diablo Village #1 site contains a production well, a 200,000-gallon storage tank that was constructed before the District’s 2010 acquisition of the Metro Southwest service area, and a 182,000-gallon storage tank (seen above) that was constructed by a developer in 2019 to ensure required water storage needs for current and future customers associated with the planned development.