Your sewer charge is determined by Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department. The District includes the sewer charge on your water bill as a convenience to our customers.

In July of each year, your sewer bill is recalculated by Pima County based on the average amount of water use billed in the previous months of December, January, and February. These three months represent the period when outside water usage is normally at a minimum. Under Pima County Ordinance 13.24, customers have 60 days after receipt of a bill to appeal a new user fee, a new usage class, or a new discharge factor. Customers may appeal their account at any time during the fiscal year, but will only receive a credit for up to 60 days back on their bill.

As of July 2022, appeals will be based on occupied water usage for three consecutive months from July 2021 billing through June 2022 water billing.

All questions and inquiries about your sewer charge or to appeal the quarterly average should contact Customer Service at the Pima County Finance and Risk Management Department (PCF&RMD) (520)724-6609.