Arizona Water Community

Municipal Providers – The District has been an active player in the State’s water community in an effort to ensure our interests are protected. The District interacts with other municipal water providers in the Tucson area and Statewide on a regular basis. 

Southern Arizona Water Users Association (SAWUA) – In 1999, the District actively encouraged the formation of this organization comprised of the region’s major water players, the municipal water providers, and large agricultural interests. SAWUA was formed as a voluntary, non-profit association organized to discuss, analyze, and recommend ways to preserve and enhance the quality and quantity of Southern Arizona’s water resources. The main objective has been to provide a forum to discuss regulations and legislation so that Southern Arizona might speak in one voice on such issues. Along with the District, current membership includes Avra Water Co-op, BKW Farms, Community Water Company of Green Valley, Farmers Investment Company, Flowing Wells Irrigation District, Green Valley Domestic Water Improvement District, Kai Farms, Marana Water Department, Oro Valley Water Utility, Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department, Rancho Sahuarita Water Company, and Tucson Water.

Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) – CAWCD oversees the operations of the Central Arizona Project (CAP), which brings Colorado River water from Lake Havasu to Phoenix, then up to Tucson. CAWCD’s governing body consists of 15 members. With a CAP allocation, the District has interactions with CAWCD throughout the year. In 1996, the District partnered with CAWCD and BKW Farms to construct the Avra Valley Recharge Project (AVRP), the first CAP recharge project in Pima County. The District has a good working relationship with CAWCD staff.

Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA) – While a separate entity, the AWBA is operated within the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR). The objective of the AWBA is to store the portion of Arizona’s Colorado River allocation that is not used by CAWCD in order to firm water supplies in the event of a Colorado River shortage that impacts municipal providers.

Groundwater Users Advisory Council (GUAC) – GUAC is an advisory council to the ADWR Director. Each Active Management Area (AMA) has a GUAC comprised of five members, appointed by the Governor and representing different sectors. GUAC meets about every two months.

Safe Yield Task Force – The Safe Yield Task Force (SYTF) is comprised of interested entities in the region who want to ensure safe-yield is achieved and sustained in the Tucson AMA. In 2000, the SYTF was formed to assist in making recommendations for the then Governor’s Water Management Commission. The current SYTF was reformed in 2010 to revisit and find new recommendations for reaching safe-yield in the Tucson AMA.

AZ Water Association (AZ Water) – AZ Water is an association of nearly 3,000 professionals who ensure the operation and maintenance of Arizona’s water and wastewater systems. AZ Water helps provide programs to ensure that District Staff maintain their ADEQ operator certifications. District staff also participate on AZ Water committees, attend the annual conference, and provide presentations at the conference.