How Can We Assist You?

Start/Stop Service

If you have and existing meter, and need to either stop, start, or transfer service on this meter account….
See our “Stop, Start, or Transfer Water Service page

Apply for New Service or Verify Service to Property

If you need to apply for a new meter on an existing service line, or need to determine if you have service to a property…
See our “Water Meter Applications” page

Manage Billing on Existing Account

If you need to manage billing online, set up direct pay, pay over the phone, or need directions for paying by mail or in person…
See our “Payment Options” page in our Billing & Account Services area

Water Quality/Pressure Questions

If you have general questions about water quality or pressure in the water system, to start you may wish to…
See our Customer FAQ page

Maps and Records Requests

If you have a professional reason for requesting maps and records…
See our Maps and Records page
See our Public Records Request Page

General Information

If you have any general information questions, please forward these to [email protected]